Hi, I am James Andrews and for now at least, Thrive Permaculture is mostly me.

My background is varied, with many of my younger years (following three years at Lincoln University) spent working and playing in the mountains and doing conservation work on offshore islands.

While working for DOC my understanding of our place in the world progressed.

I went from supporting the standard species focused conservationist thinking, where people and nature are separated and ‘nature’ is visited in the weekend… into a more integrated approach where we take our place as a positive force within nature. That means looking for ways to live together for mutual benefit.

Permaculture offers us a great set of tools to help move in this direction.

Exploring life through a Permaculture lens, I have gardened at home, started a small market garden, launched a sourdough bread business, worked as a polytech tutor in Horticulture and Rural sustainability, and run workshops on permaculture, gardening, seed saving, nutrition and orchard design.

With my wife Pip and our two young kids, we are now developing our own 11 acre block.

From our base near Mangawhai Village in Northland, I started Thrive Permaculture in early 2015 as a professional permaculture design service. Permaculture Design work gives me the unique opportunity to get to know people and landscapes and be a key part of a process that brings them together in a meaningful way, so that both the people and the land can … well… Thrive.

For me, this is extremely enjoyable and rewarding work and I am grateful for every opportunity to participate in this process.