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A call to life

Having cracked open the idea of imposition and the lack of any such nonsense in the natural world, this post introduces some opening thoughts on how we might bring more of nature’s character into our world.

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What is it about nature that makes it so incredibly re-vitalising? What is it about the forest, the beach, the stream, and the mountains that draws us to them and restores us, breathes life into us?

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The Detail and the Devil. (Part 3 of 3)

(check out part 1 and part 2 first)

….And now to the detail, which has been a sticking point for me for some years, only now I have extra ammunition from Christopher Alexander to solidify my concerns. I would like to suggest that we don’t need detail until we need it, at which time we delve into it with fervour, never forgetting the wholes within which that detail sits. Premature detail is simply an imposition of pre-formed ideas onto a thing or a space. This imposition is essentially our cultures default version of design. We see something we like from the other side of the world; from a book, magazine, website or just from our own head, and we take that thing and impose it on our own situation. The details in such cases are always prematurely formed and necessarily disregard the reality of the situation at hand. This phenomenon is commonplace, it’s all around us; it is the norm in fact and it creates many problems.

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